Tuesday, February 06, 2007

NYC trip.................

i ran for 30 min today and then stretched and did abs etc... having a really nice chill time at work tonight. just been catching up some computer work here and reading this "time out" guide book. I plan to hit all the suggestions of places I've gotten so far for NYC. thanks tons to everybody givng me ideas. I am thinking Saturday I might try this walking tour they have in the guidebook stats at empire state bldng, east to macy's then south to the gargae on 25th, then east to broadway, and then down broadway to union square, then over to fifth hour and then down south to greenwich village for some shopping, it ends at merchant house museum. but honestly I'll havc efun just walking around anywhere once I get into town. oh yeah and my show is 2pm on Saturday, so if my Florida buddy doesn't commit by Saturday I may be hitting up one of you guys in NY to see the show with me since I got two tickets waiting at the box office I can't exactly sell one of 'em on ebay. ahh well.

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