Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm not always completely relaxed with guys.....

I was emailing last night about the Utah guy and I thought I'd share a little here on my blog. For one thing the guy was a great kisser, he really got into getting as much tongue as possible in my mouth or mine in his... He was also really into sucking on my tongue, and he'd moan a little when I ran my tongue up against his teeth. it was pretty hot, and we weren't getting each other all soppy wet so it was actually just right. made some more noise when I sucked on his earlobe a little and slowly breathed some air out my nose into his ear. anyway, the point of this post is to talk about how it takes me a while to get comfortable with guys sometimes. THis guy was bascially pretty damn hot so I was definitely into it, but sometimes I feel like I'm not being aggressive as I should be, maybe it's normal. Anyway, I have to remember not to just lay back and enjoy it someitmes, ha! well one thing I've noticed that I do with guys that I'm realy really into and getting really comfrotable with is I'll start to maneuver an arm, or his head, or start trying to roll him over by grabbing a shoulder. sort of wrestling dominance thing, i don't know. Also when i'm laying on top and grinding down into a guy, I like to grab from the side under the mattress and pull myself down really tight into the guy. we had a good time. it turns out he has a live in bf for six years that he moved here to OKlahoma with and they quit having sex about a year ago so they had to open up the relationship a while back. whatever that means. ahh well fun while it lasted, and he may call again, we'll see.
BTW this was not the same blond guy from Utah who is in Law school, that's another guy at my gym, he's 26 and just happened to also be from Utah, weird huh.... he has yet to call me.

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