Thursday, January 04, 2007

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I'm off to Arkansas after school tomorrow to hang with my buddy J. up there. he's the very cool guy I met during college, he was a hot highschool jock at the time who i worked with in electronics with at wal'mart and constantly admired. and then he sort of admired and looked up to me 'cause I was friends with everyone at my small christian college and sort of a party social dude. he loved hearing al lthe crazy stories of the guys i hung out with and what went on. ha! i remember even coming on to him a few times. all the more reason to respect and love him to this day as he continues to show me his hand of friendship. well that and he's sort of socially inept but still damn damn goodlooking, keeps in great shape, he and his wife work out after work like clockwork. anyway she's out of town so I'm going up there for guy's weekend, we'll be going out to eat, shopping furniture and clothes saturday morning, and then rent something like "lord of the rings" or "office" season 2 or something like that. always fun hanging with him. anyway I won't see DX all weekend but will be calling him SUnday night when I return.

I want to share these pictures. My whole life there is a lot of my creative side I keep hidden from most people other than family because... blah blah, the fear of someone thinking I'm gay... blah blah usual stuff.
anyway, here are pictures of a Christmas tree I made this year. I haven't bothered decorating in a couple years, but this year I got this idea to make all these branches into a tree shape and put the ornaments and lights hanging on the inside and turned out pretty cool. my family loved it anyway when I had them over for dinner before christmas.

the other pic is of a really cool place for anyone reading who lives in/near OKC. I know you're out there?? "Cafe do Brazil" on N. Walker downtown just north of St ANthony's hospital. really good authentic brazilian food. I used to eat lunch there after the gym on Saturdays. there is this crazy old guy who has a one man band set-up and plays jazz and bosssa nova with his keyboard, sax, flute, trumpet. etc on saturdays til about 2pm. I used to sit there eating my lunch and think, how cool this place exists in OKC, does anyone know its here? check it out when in OKC and you'll probably meet Ana, the owner, she speaks to everyone, and is absolutley so nice.

"Moncrief" has spoken, thanks for the comments man, I know I come with crazy thoughts and ideas, thank you for remaining patient and positive, I know you have a lot of strong opinions just from reading your blog, also freedom, yes. :). I most liekly will get a cell phone, but I've enjoyed being the only one beside "Oprah" without a cell phone..and, btw,we don't have ANYTHING in OKC so yeah H&M is a chain but its not one here in OKC so I've only ever read about it since they opened their first store in NYC etc etc. but please, yes, any suggestions for NYC I'm all years. so far I plan on seeing the apartment of Walt Whitman and then broadway show on Saturday, most likely a gay bar on Saturday night if I can find one in NYC.. ha.
"Ryan" I'm going to kick your surfer boy ass, ha ha, no j/k. :) but I'll have you know I drove to school in (for me at the time) a very cool used car my parents got me at 16, a Ford Mustang II and even when we had a foot of snow I'd drive it to school, not walk. your 4 types of famous was awesome and i always feel like I have the same insight into types of peope but I dont' know, anyway liked reading it all.
DB and Nick some damn nice blogs starting up, I'll get you linked and give a better shout out when I get back to blogging next week. but I love reading about the colleg stuff and imagining what i could have done if there were blogs when i was in school and if i would have had the balls to make any moves with guys during college. good weekend to all.


chwjohns said...

Haven't been out to the gay bars in NYC in a couple years, but try G, XL, and Splash. They're not too far from eachother so you can easily do all of em in a night if you want. If you want seedy, hit The Cock, but he warned - I do mean SEEDY. Like, "back room" seedy. You'll want to keep your eye on your wallet in that place.

If you go to H&M, go to the one in SoHo. In fact, just go to SoHo and you'll find tons of stores that blow H&M away. SoHo's great to wonder around during the day. Check out Union Square. I just like that neighborhood. See the west village and the east village. You can skip midtown (Times Square, etc).

Moncrief Speaks said...

You mentioned me!

Sorry if I was harsh about H&M. I thought they were all over. I mean, Minnesota is no New York and we have one.

As far as what else to do in NYC, oh man! There is so much to do it's hard to know where to start. Since it's your first visit, maybe just see lots of the places you've heard about for so long and never seen: walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, go to the Empire State Building and Central Park, stuff like that.

That hotel I linked to (which fills up way ahead of time, btw) is very close to all the Chelsea bars just mentioned above.

And, it's true: when you walk around Soho, if you're there to shop for clothes, you'll see that H&M is sad in comparison to the rest.

Any chance you can move out of OKC? It doesn't seem like things are going forward for you at all there. Sometimes a change of scene is just what you need to kickstart stuff.

RGB said...

Come on dude, violence in never the answer! Can't we just hug things out instead!? It's just that when I think about such stubborness (that word is sooo not spelled right) to own a cell, I equate that to a person that comes from an era where VCR's were still science fiction. Oh wait... Maybe that was a bad comparison also... How old are you? hahaha Just being a facetious prick!

I wish that I could tell you about the gay scene in NYC. But I was still playing straight those days, so I don't have much to offer you on that front. Only you really really need to head over to Serendipidty's over on Lexington (I thing). It's kind of expensive, but I feel that every person must experience a frozen hot chocolate atleast once in thier lives before they can be complete!

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you too mate. don't get time to comment that much but always enjoy reading your blog. go nuts in NYC and the other guys are right. there's a million better places to end up than H&M!

DB said...

Thanks for the shout out Dan! I really appreciate it. I love the blog, and I'm busy reading through your archives. I'm somewhere in July. I look forward to catching up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, I'll have to check out Cafe do Brazil! Sounds great.
Have you been to Cafe Nova? Great food and cute staff!

Anonymous said...

It's sad to me that you stifle your creativity because you're afraid someone will think you're gay if you're creative. :(