Monday, January 22, 2007

that guy at the gym...

the one from utah who is all blond, well anyway, he finally called and left a message today... I'm going to return it tomorrow night from my night job. Sweet hope we can actually meet up eventually. I've had nothing in a while here.

just took a shower and am about to hit the hay. DId anyone see the brief interview w/ the patriots coach after the game? was hilarious, afterwards Boomer was waving his arms going "what was that?" pretty funny although yes sad for the pats and slurpy brady.

my goal this week and hopefully make a habit is much shorter showers, get in, and out. that simple, better for the skin and the gas bill, and in general just saving up my "energy" for the weekend with or without a bud around. after having off all last week lets just say I had way too much time on my hands.

just filled up my pickup coming home from work, $1.74 here in OKC btw.

was rough getting back to work this morning after sleeping in all last week. a rough monday, i get to school, teach first hour and then second hour get a phone call about our department meeting at the administration building that was rescheduled from last Tuesday...whoops guess I should have checked the work email over break instead of waiting for maybe 3rd hour today... needless to say had to plan a place for my kids to go and then "meet" all day at admin.... then get to my night job and tonights the night I'm training the new girl. hope all have a good week. later.

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Some Guy @ SW OKC said...

It is hard to go back after all this snow! I was so glad that gas is where it is! I hope you get back into your routine.