Sunday, January 28, 2007

sweet comeback

have to give a shout out to Serena Williams being unseeded and then winning the championship match this last weekend in Australia. sweet!

guy from utah (the dude I met at the gym) called this morning while I was at church with my folks. left the number more clearly this time and I called him back this afternoon. ahh yeah! only thing is said he was free tomorrow night and well I work night during the week. maybe some weekend he'll have some free time to stop over. This weekend he was busy with some horse show going on at the fairgrounds. very cool masc and built guy, look forward to getting him over here to hang out, believe it will be worth waiting for we've seen all of each other at the gym a couple times and had some good conversations at the lockers getting dressed or on the floor etc..

I want to clarify that I never meant to suggest that Christianity equals hatred for homosexuals. I don't believe that at all, because really it is all about love. sorry if it came across that way, I'm just speaking about the Christian church today in general when I go on about stuff like that.

I will say thati agree with "love the sinner, hate the sin". I just wish more Christians actually practiced that. One thing that I always catch my family or friends on,( and you can tell me if you've experienced the same if any Christians are reading) is when they condemn something on tv because of something gay. I used to have this conversation with my college roomates or family, and actually just recently with my sister, SHe was talking about watching "sex and the city" and i was saying, wow you really watch that show with them all sleeping around and stuff, and she says something like, well I do turn the channel whenever they have a lesbian part..... SO I tell her, hey that's considered the same sin as them sleeping around with anyone else. hello.... it's just funny, because its so true about how people make religion speak for them when it's convenient. and of course Muslim world does it but Christianity is the same. In the past or even now when I hear any Christian friend complaining about Ellen or Will and Grace, I tell them, how can you watch Cheers , Seinfield, or Friends etc.., there is just as much promiscuous sex going on in those shows the SAME. I call people on it everytime I hear them suddenly on a high horse about how something is GAY and that's why they wouldn't watch etc... when they laugh and watch all sorts of straight tv shows which is all the same when it comes to what the bible says about sex.
I want you guys to know I'm not all that hung-up on it or in any turmoil over this. I mean I admit I'm stagnating on getting out there and finding a relationship and all, and it's true I shoudl be in a bigger city. but I'm pretty much at peace over all, I decided years ago that sinful or not, things I do homosexually can get racked up there with the sort of things any other Christian person does on any given day, speeding, lying, glutton, lustful in a str8 way, dishonesty, etc etc etc. I continue to pray and feel watched over and protected and blessed with my job and family and health.... and I continue to try and live a sort of life where I'm serving others not just serving myself.

SO yeah the gym guy called me and eventually we'll hook up and hopefully it won't be just another notch on his bedpost. I'm actually looking forward to talking about his mormon background and being gay (even though the whole mormon thing sort of terrifies me, it's a Cult after all NOT part of the Christian church) but I also hope this year to find a guy who likes me not just for all the physical part but you know, hang out and watch tv with, run around town with, get outdoors some maybe in the summer? , and sleep with and lay with and wake up with. anyone reading this who HAS a bf must know how great that is. man I always love it. my gf used to stay over a lot in college, we weren't having sex at the time just sleeping and it was awesome, and then on and off certain guys i've tried to see in okc have been over. all good. last time was the ex-navy dude during Christmas break.

UPDATE: no prejuedice to LDS is intended here, I should have written "makes me uncomfortable" instead of "terrifies" which is just saying how I honestly feel based on my own background. I realize the word "cult" may also come across as strong. Perhaps I should have left that out and just said that we both have fundamental religious backgrounds, so it would be cool to discuss and compare.


Anonymous said...

"I want you guys to know I'm not all that hung-up on it or in any turmoil over this". It's OK to be 'hung up' on this. You are not yet at a place of acceptance so of course this can leave you confused even though you are claiming that you are not.

"...I admit I'm stagnating on getting out there and finding a relationship...but I'm pretty much at peace over all".

"I decided years ago that sinful or not..." These words seem to be from a young man who is uncertain of how to let go of what he has been taught. You are not a sinner, whether they be thoughts or actions.

Dan, may I suggest that you find yourself before adding a boyfriend to the mix. Would you not agree that finding your inner peace should be your number one priority.

I was raised as a Catholic but I am not one now. Today, I believe in a God who loves me for who I am. A God that is loving and who does not judge or damn me.

Anonymous said...

You know, I am interested in you being nonjudgmental over everything EXCEPT this poor guy being "Mormon." Since I am LDS, it hurts me that this is one of those left-over "it's OK to be a shit about" prejudices. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Why are you hanging around with people so anti-gay that they can't deal with "Will & Grace"? I'm sorry, but you need to have more faith in yourself and your reality, and stop being friends with people who are so homophobic. Life is short, buddy! You're going to regret all this time you wasted with people not good enough for you.