Wednesday, January 31, 2007

sleeping positions...........

heck yeah its cold.
I'm stuck at home again tonight with icy roads here in OKC. worked at school all day, ran at the gym for half an hour, but the night job was closed. I'll gripe again at how I hate missing my night job because those are hours that go unpaid....(I have this budget idea to save up for NYC after all!).
So I came home and watched the simpsons twice and fell asleep for a while on the couch. ahh that was nice. then I got up and went to the kitchen table to pay some bills and then write a few post cards. One for my gay buddy in Austin who I mentioned before wanting to make some plans for travel next summer. Anyway I sent him a card to thank him for the package he sent last weekend, an Eames keychain he got for me in NYC while there over new years. And then I sent a post card to Mr. tall dark and handsome in FLorida who I'm still waiting to see if he's meeting me in NYC or not.... well I know I'll have an exciting time there either way really.
I've been looking on amazon tonight to add a book to my wish to buy later list, a friend at work mentioned it to me, "A case against accident and self organization". Apparently this guy argues about the faults in theories of evolution which involve life on earth all starting from a sort of "primordial soup". or something like that. I thought it'd be interesting to read.
I was moving around on the couch trying to keep warm just now and was thinking how I need someone there to lay around on the couch with! And then I started thinking about how when I've had guys stay over and sometimes I feel dumb not knowing where to put my arms or something. isn't that funny? anyway, twice I've had guys sort of say something like, move this way, or put your arm here... etc.. obviously guys who've lived with or had bf's before. unlike this blogger. The best was a friend visiting from Kuwait during last christmas break who stayed over a few times and the first night I was woken up in the middle of the night by this guy just pulling me closer to him and then sort of picking me up to lay on top of him. it was a weird sensation to wake up while being picked up and moved over like that, but of course I went right back to sleep... big tall muscled small town guy like that makes a great pillow..... from what I remember.
hope everyone's having a good week and keeping warm.


NSA guy said...

it's pretty chilly in LA, bro. would love to have you under my covers with me. when you going to NYC? maybe we can meet up!

Anonymous said...

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