Monday, January 08, 2007

i was at borders and.....

I like to check out the graphic novels, because I teach and I like to provide graphic rich texts to my students learning English.... well anyway, I'm also a fan of graphic novels, so this post is sort of something you might read on "dudetube" 's blog.

I was reading this book "How to make money like a porn star" and I have to say it was reallly really well drawn. I like to check out the whole tom-of-finland comic drawings now and then, I know they are over done, and over sized, and over perfect etc... I'm just saying nice drawings. SO this copy of HTMMLAPS I noticed how masculine and well drawn the men were, pretty sexy, well to say the least the main star hot girl on every page is also sort of overly perfectly drawn. just thought I'd post about it.

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