Friday, December 01, 2006

well I'm not going down to dallas tonight to Christmas shop due to the weather

, maybe tomorrow or in a couple weeks. I DID buy the ticket to show up next saturday night at my friends' party in arizona, that will be awesome. good weekend to all.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

sometimes the real guy next door looks pretty good..


what is up? I am off work all day today and getting paid. ahh yeah! SNOW ICE SLEET etc... we had a winter storm come through last night here in okc. Only in Oklahoma do you have a high one day of 75 and then the next below freezing. and its an actual storm as in the rain turns to ice and snow and sleet while the thunder and lightening remain. a real mess on the streets today so all the schools are closed. what sucks is that I DON'T get paid for missing my night job. that always sucks missing 4.75 hours from the paycheck. anyway, needless to say I'm getting a LOT done at my house today. I have unpacked all my luggage from last weeks trip and put everything somewhere, also all the clothes put away or in a laundry basket. I guess laundry is next. I also got out this aluminum Christmas tree i bought on clearance last spring from West Elm. If you go in for decorating up you place at christmas I definitely recomend checking out that website in Jan, then again in Feb, and again in March etc.. you get the picture.

I am also listening to a lot of CD's today and hope to eventually burn some CD's today to include with Christmas cards. most of my friends and family would never listen to some of the stuff I do but they always love my mix cds. I also want to send some stuff to the troops this year if I can get my butt into gear and do it. There is a website I've used before called where you can send basic samll gift packages to soldiers, and I like to include sports and health magazines and mixed CD's although prolly the younger soldiers prefer more rap and hard rock to all my eclectic stuff, somebody randomly will enjoy it. I had my students write a few thank you letters a few years ago etc...

Did anyone catch the ridiculous non-news about Kelly Rippa and Clay Aiken about how she didn't like him joking on air and putting his hand on her mouth, she had said "I don't know where that hand has been, honey". and the next day Rosie Odonnel on the View said it was a homophobic comment, and the Kelly called in live and told her what a stupid statement that was and she was NOT homophobic just a germophobe in general. well its all on youtube if you even care. I jsut thought I'd comment to say I agree that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard that saying I don't know where that heand's been is homophobic. WAY too defensive, Rosie, sorry.

But it made me think how a lot of people walk around with a chip on their shoulder and are sensitive to the slightest thing, and this includes some gay guys I know--- for example if you mention marriage, suddenly it's a debate on gay marriage, or bring up sports and suddenly it's about who would be hot or not in bed. NOT EVERYONE, I'm just saying I know some guys that seem to need to have every conversation mention something about them being gay.

I know I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to anyone getting cut down or insulted. I want to stick up for anyone different in any way when I hear any sort of ridicule or exclusion taking place. I know the defense comes from myslef as a kid and the fear I had of being different than everyone else. I grew up a pretty happy-go-lucky kid, and sometimes I (half-jokingly) wonder if I was lied to in some of the children television programs when I was told to be "free to be me, you or me" ,or Mr. Rogers saying "I like you just the way you are", I mean you can say it -- but maybe my mom and Mr. Rogers are the only ones that really mean it. One thing I like as a teacher and as an adult is the confidence to voice my opinion immediately without the fear of someone thinking I'm gay just because I'm defending someone or idea or right. I know in college I was more afraid of being assumed gay if I spoke up on any gay issue. Now I feel like I can usually say what the heck I want to and why should anyone assume I'm gay or not. Hopefully someone will question whether I am a Christian or not first by what I speak, and the sexuality thing, well none of their business anyway. I guess you can probably imagine that in a Christian crowd of friends and family, I have opportunity to question others why they believe this or that. For example not assuming everything one political party is doing is the for-sure Christian or anti-Christian way. People want to blindly follow an opinion or view without researching why they believe/agree or not THEMSELVES. I think the most confusion among Christians is trying to make the Law a Christian law. That's the old testament. the past. That's trying to take the easy way out, trying to make the law keep everyone accountable to living a "Christian" life, when really they should be setting an example of love to non-Christians and encouraging one another so that by example others can also believe in Christianity if they are led to do so. In which case they hold themselves and each other(Christians only) accountable according to God's word. I suppose it's hard to draw a clear line. After all we do need basic moral law, but then where does right and wrong come from for most people it must begin from some religious belief...

I found this interesting post at Lettrist.blogspot about how a newcomer to the "bible belt" of Oklahoma who thinks Christianity is sort of forced upon everyone. It's true what he says about downtown, for this whole month two of the skyscrapers will have crosses on every side of the building at night, made by certain office windows left on to form a cross. I sort of like that during Christmas time, obviously, and it's the right of the owners of those buildings to do so. ( I couldn't have been more moved in fact when they were turned on every night after the OKC bombing, seeing them in April was just out of sorts and reflected what the city was feeling) I hope people don't think it's completely an anti-gay place, I consider OKC more of just a place with a very religious history and culture, and it IS changing. I would harldy call it much of a bible belt now with the laws passed by Governor Henry legalizing all the casinos. (I think we are also one of the fattest states, the most smokers, and the most divorces) The anti-gay views are too easily connected to people's faith, when really most Christains are ok with ALL KINDS of sin, only the gay issues seem to really bother them. Just consider how much sinful sex was taking place on Cheers, Friends, and Seinfield on tv for years. People loved those shows but were so quick to show contempt for any gay tv show. stupid. I wish that most people can see the over-all friendliness of people here in OKC not just the judgemental political views , those views are everywhere really.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

big guys lilke to party...etc..

kozyndan art

I really like these graphic artists, a married couple in California, Kozyndan. you might have noticed their link on the right before. anyway, I read their blog here, it's a way of living vicariously as the artist I never tried to be.....I have ordered a lot of their posters and stuff, and I always get comments wearing their t-shirts. very cool.

anyhow CLICK HERE for a 360 degree view of this picture (if you can view flash), it's pretty fun and I always spot something new looking around at all the detail in the background....

vacation pics

well I thought I'd post at least one pic with evidence I was in Arizona. sorry I had to do the lame block-out-the-face thing, but you know I'm all discreet on this blog. later.

I got an evite to a christmas party in phoenix Dec 9th and found a ticket out there for $112. If I find the same price tomorrow I'm going to buy it and surprise them and fly out there jsut for the one night of the party, they would freak out and it would be a helluva lot of fun to just show up with some gifts and drinks in tow. also I can meet all their friends who were'nt in town this last week. Especially this one particular co-worker of the wife's who is HOT HOT HOT.

Monday, November 27, 2006

back in oklahoma city

was up this morning half awake and on autopilot all day. man am I beat. we were up late Thursday night after Thanksgiving dinner hanging out, drinking, and playing poker. Friday we chilled some at home, and eventually headed out for some shopping at various vintage stores, art supplies, and then lunch at "Tizos" which was awesome. we went to a music store in Mesa (I almost got a guitar but woulkd rather buy it here so I don't have to ship it). Next the husband stayed home while the wife and I went to Fashion Square Mall in Scottdale. that place has everything and the people shopping there.... NICE! I got most of my CHristmas shopping taken care of, also a new watch for me at FOSSIL, and some cool design products at this store "Anthropologie". Saturday morning went on a nice hike with the husband and the wife's brother up to a point in Superstition mountain where there's a nice view of Weaver's needle. about 2.5 miles up and then back. i took lots of pictures and try to upload some later from my camera at home. that afternoon we watched the OU/OSU football game. I am a sooner at heart but I was sort of rooting a little for OSU -- It was an exciting second half -- they came so close 4th quarter to getting the lead. I just like to root for them because I went there my freshman year in college and because they are the under dog, but don't worry I'm Sooner all the way man!

Saturday night we went to a gay/straight bar first called "barcelona" in North Scottsdale. This place was unbelievably cool and mixed with a great looking crowd. most of the gay guys stood around the outside bar part, and straight groups and couples danced around inside. but over all i enjoyed the friendliness of the place and the mystery. some really big big hot clean cut guys all over. I got some looks but really was having a blast just checking it all out and drinking it up with my buddies there. They took me a straight bar next called "E4" or "elements" or something like that. it was packed with great looking guys and gals, especially the gals dancing on the boxes in tight square shorts and big furry boots and tops. also NICE. lots of freindly guys there too, twice had some drunk guy talking to me in the bathrooms. And seriously I wasn't even sending out a signal i swear. I was just enjoying the atmosphere in general. The bar had a floor room in back with waterfalls running down the walls and dark and lit up with blue lighting (the "water" room), then entrance lounge was "earth with a bunch of cool booths and bar, and then upstairs was a patio bar (air) and then inside was "fire" a dark dungeon like room for a dance floor with a bunch of red lights and stone walls etc. I like the crowded dancing. PHoneix was awesome this time of year. and I swear everyone I see ther looks so naturally in shape and fit. It must be all the outdoor activity there is to do there, or perhaps just being so close to California the pressure is on for everyone to keep care of themselves physically, I dunno.... I DEFINITELY going back soon. i would like to have some free time to get out and go to the all out gay clubs there just to check it all out.... although next year I decided to go out for New YEar's instead of Thanksgiving.
I remember at one point while drinking last weekend thinking about that guy in Tampa that I met last spring break, we talk on the phone about every weekend or so. I sort of have been in the mood to be with him lately when I'm out drinking. that is to say, I don't go out and drink much at all lately, so the past few times I sort of wish he was there to sort of hang on, if you knwo what I mean. but he lives in Tampa so I'll have to wait til I get back out there prolly. Or invite him to go to some city with me next time I get an urge to get out of OKC.
well I hope everyone is getting there trees up and deciding you you really feel like showing some love to and preparing ideas for giving Christmas gifts.

Hercules Bloopers, anyone else like this show...just because?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

back in okc

just arrived back at okc airport, home by 11pm. man what a great week and weekend. I'm going to post tomorrow about the clubs my friends took me to. one gay bar and one straight bar, both were a lot of fun and someg reat guys and gals to check out and rub against all night at the clubs. I went shopping at IKEA today of course and just chilled back at their place in Mesa. WE had a lot of great talks about where I am in life and what I want and some other friends of ours from college who we wonder about being gay, and how I try to live by my faith more than by what I want to sleep with etc etc. I love both the husband and wife and have been friends with them separately before they ever met. I value them for just listening to me all weekend as I got to speak my thoughts about it all. I'm not saying there was full disclosure but they know a lot. we were out late last night, up til 3 A.M. and then up at 8:45 this morning to get to church by 10.
It's 12:am now and I'm about to shower up and hit the sack. I took lots of pictures and will get some posted when possible. hope everyone has a great week.