Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hot or not, they are fun and cool.

my other plans this weekend is this movie..

FILM: Is that Björk we see but don’t hear?
Drawing Restraint 9 screens Thursday – Saturday, Nov. 2 – 4, 7:30pm; Sunday, Nov. 5, 2pm. Writer, director, and artist Matthew Barney (The Cremaster Cycle) and longtime partner Björk offer their first creative collaboration, a love story in which they star as two occidental guests who board a Japanese whaling ship in Nagasaki Bay. The film has almost no dialogue but is marked by the fantastic theatricality that fans of these two artists expect. It includes a tanker truck filled with liquid petroleum jelly, a parade of animals, a tea ceremony in which Barney and Björk wear costumes inspired by Shinto marriage rites, Japanese pearl-diving girls, and a climax of alarming transformations. Original music by Björk. Director: Matthew Barney 2005 USA/Japan 135min. NR 35mm

random pic post....

Killing time ?.... then check out............

I went a little crazy the other night spending way too much time on this blog I found from another website....with way too many HOT pics of guys to check out. Basically just a lot of pics posted by theme, porn stars, amateur shots, and lots of ethnis and hair pics. anyway, was fun checking them all out, especially the LATIN guys... ahh yeah! (It's NOT work friendly btw)

Thanks to Den who has been leaving comments lately. I'm not really too commited to making this a blog of just pics or about me, so it's kind of random and both I guess. but all comments definitely appreciated. The site receives daily hits of 450 to 850 every week depending on the day, so obviously most readers are not reading but checking out the PICS! ha.

I'm about ready to begin my weekend after work tomorrow ( friday) I've been eamiling this guy all week who seems very cool, is a couple years younger than me, hangs out only with str8 friends, the discreet type like me not into the scene too much (if you can call the gay bar community a "scene" here in OKC). I'm hoping to actually meet the guy for lunch or dinner this weekend and see what else we have in comon besides working out and piano and guys. He has a sailboat which I think is pretty cool. I will also be bringing in a lot of plants inside from outdoors, and then buying a shoplight to put above them all in the back room of my house for the winter. good weekend to all!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween (day late...)

Please be considerate of others........

Wednesday is my back day, (for those of you actually reading this part of the blog) and so I worked out my back today at the gym. But I went to a different gym where I can meet my trainer for an extra good workout (when we are able to get the same schedule going). Today at this other gym, I thought it was pretty interesting that a new sign had been posted on the steamroom door.

"Please be considerate of others by wearing shorts, a swimsuit, or towell while using the steamroom."

And this is in the bathroom section of the Men only locker room etc. Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone has noticed more and more gyms have separate shower stalls now and/or signs asking for NO NUDITY in the steamroom. I'm not sure who i am not being-considerate-of by wearing a towell or swimsuit. I have noticed other gyms in OKC remodelling and installing stalls in the showers and taking out group showers. 2 now have taken out the center shower pole and instead of stalls with actually fewer showers.
Please tell me this prudeness is a case of living in the bible belt and not a trend all over. Perhaps its because I grew up with one large room group shower ever since 6th grade at my public school, so nudity in the locker room is just normal to me ( I mean that was before puberty or any ideas about guys sexually etc..) I think it should be a normal part of male bonding and growing up for guys, anyway jsut my opinion, sort of old school I guess.
I mean obviously now as an adult I know that guys are looking and noticing, including me with some guys, and probably some one is pissing off(making angry) some other guy who doesn't want to be stared at. But I couldn't help but think what is next, separate stalls for drying up or getting dressed? AFter I walked by that sign on the steamroom door, I went to my locker and towelled off just wondering if I was going to offend anyone who might walk in. After all, I am a really considerate guy. Promise.

Modern Furniture Design

I don't think I'm ready for this............

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kings of Convenience

Have YOU heard of "Kings of Convenience"? Very COOL band and their last 2 CD's area wesome and I could listen to them all day in the car, at home, etc etc etc... CHECK IT OUT!

Monday, October 30, 2006

random thoughts.............

weekend was pretty exciting, the cops came to our party saturday night because a neighbor had complained about the noise. too bad the cop tried to stick his foot in the door when the owner tried to shut the door to go and get her ID. Apparently he expected to follow her into the house, but she's a lawyer and knows better. They are not allowed to enter without a warrant, and she was quick enough to think, ok I'll shut the door and bring back my ID. well he was trying to say all this crap about arresting her for resisting which was pure crap. and then he got sort of flustered that she called his bluff, and it didn't help that there were about 6 lawyers at the party and we all came out to the front yard while they are talking on the porch, and asking the cops why he is writing her a fine for the noise, and whose discretion it is to actually fine here without a warning etc etc... anyway, boy did they pick the wrong house. I thought it was pretty funny. no hot costumes at the party btw. but a lot of fun for a str8 crowd.

I have been emailing this guy who is coming into town for the horse show next weekend, we just might meet up and check out the other, and see if its worth having some fun .ahhh yeah.

worked legs after work today ahh yeah, it's my most challenging muscle group to grow. with daylight savings time starting last weekend, I decided to begin getting up at 6 every morning and going for a swim before breakfast. that way I can sleep at 10pm and get up at 6 am, while body is thinking it's still 11pm to 7 am. we'll see how long I can keep it up but man do I feel good after swimming in the morning. I come home already shaved and dressed and have more time for breakfast.

I was thinking how I posted once about asking this girl out last summer, and I got some comments about how it wasn't right to screw with her emotions if I was attracted to guys etc... well I've been wondering how does that apply to dating a guy and then meanwhile you are attracted to other guys. I mean either way it's just as wrong to be looking at other people if you are set on just one. regardless what I end up with I intend to be faithful and commit. I suppose it is possible between guys but rare are the ones that last completely monogamous, I don't know, just doesn't look promising for me either way for whay I expect in life I guess. It's weird, you know, I don't always climax with a guy. but I can definitely climax considering 2 guys or if I am considering a guy and girl, but definitely not while considering 2 girls.

any advice on how to look away from small children that I wish I were having my own now? ( no reason to give me the adoption line, I'll never be that rich) I really feel the need to spred seed ! I remain optimistic. I have my faith and my family and I just know I'll find the right guy or gal eventually. Even if I do remain single I hope to find someone, keep getting built up, travel more. I do hope I will continue to refrain from any drugs, alcohol, or need of cockrings to keep it up in the future.