Thursday, October 26, 2006

you all ready for Halloween weekend ?.....

the first picture is from 1919, I just thought it was an interesting historical pic to include..... I'll be at a big party in Norman ( OU country) this saturday night. I have a costume I rigged up a couple years ago where I'm all in black ( good tight form fitting slacks and shirt, and a flat black panel mask which is sort of like a performance art thing, where I have a pad of paper sewn on the mouth and eyes and then I tear off the sheets of paper throughout the evening and there are different eyes and mouth expression each time..etc.. anyway, it's a fun original and anonymous costume. only downfall is using a straw to drink my beer through a hole in the mask....) anyone else have party plans for this halloween? I'd like to hear about your costume.

the rest of the pics........ come on guys, if you're dressing up this weekend, arrive in something that SHOWS it ALL OFF.... :). cheers to all.

Furniture Porn.....

like the video clips I've seen but will never be in the same room watching or participating, or the perfectly model good looks of guys online that I'll never date (or whatever). These are pictures of furniture I think it would be awesome to own, but shall never have. The Ebay auction has already reached $1,475 for the set. I like to search Ebay
for- Eames Eiffel - for some fun shopping and actually have two black chairs with eiffel bases. But my all time goal is to find a bargain on an Eames LCW plywood chair, however rarely is anything ever less than $800 for said chair. I'm pretty sure someone else out there will appreciate these pics. :) later.

more rugger love (again)

Youtube , user controlled, not marketing? what do you think

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

please guys

always include a leg workout during your week, please!! Do NOT work out only upper body. please. Ot at least get out and bike or run if you're not going to work out the legs in the gym (I realize some guys have back problems working legs can be difficult.)
I'm saying this today because there was this guy at my gym today who had some great arms and chest, but no legs. I never have understood why guys would only want to work the upper body. I can understand guys who power lift or do some arm wrestling competition or something, but come in, lets keep it all in proportion. Of course everyone has different genetics and we all know what which muscles we grow faster, for example, on me my arms are easier to work out and make grow. my legs and back remaine the challenge to make pop and grow dad gum it all!
I had a good back workout today although I miss wokring it with my trainer last summer, once school started he's been too busy comvering ball games and working as referee at some of them, (he's the sports editor for a local paper)

speaking of the paper, today's front page of the Oklahoma paper had an article about Single Sex Education. I'm a teacher so I find it pretty interesting, the idea of seperating boys and girls in math, science, or English class, etc.... Apparently studies show that grades go up when students are taught in a classrooom with only girls or boys. the guys are able to concentrate on class more I guess without any girls around to try and prove themselves to in front of other guys..... and then the girls are less afraid to outsmart the boys and more likely to answer questions out loud. ANyway jsut thought I'd mention it, maybe this is only something considered "new" here in the states , I don't know. Actually, school s WAY BACK IN THE DAY probably were segregated by sex at some point, I think that was usually colleges though here in the US. SO it is sort of an "old school " idea of education. perhaps they were on to something....

shopping anyone?

I love ads like this on craigslist..............

Monday, October 23, 2006

the group pic wont' enlarge any bigger.....

which do you like more, swimming, or swimmers ?....

we get this kind of weather every spring, and I love it


well I'm back to work after a long fall break in Austin Texas. had an awesome fun time down there.

Friday! went shopping most of the day and had lunch on the strip near University of Texas, college guys walkng around all over, definitly nice. Then I headed down south the the outlet mall, spent a couple hundred at the ralph lauren polo store and had them ship everything to me this week. went to a few other stores down there, too many to get to really. was an excellent drive back to Austin and I resisted stopping by the adult video store on the way back into town off the Slaughter Lane exit. ha! met my buddy getting off work and we got all dressed up to go to this fundraiser out by lake travis in this huge house buily on the lake that the organization had rented for the event. I was chatting it up with this college kid serving drinks at the event all night, he'd walk around asking if we needed another drink, and we had a joke sort of going since he kept asking me so much, whatever, anyway he was a chunky solid muslcy Texas blond dude, hot! later, I headed out to downtown Austin and the strip of bars, and I actually got to see the PEt SHop Boys in person at "Oilcan Harry's", a gay bay in Austin. They were just hanging out there dancing around and talking it up, at one point they had a strip to your underwear dance contest and let the pet shop boys do the judging. Was pretty cool they happened to be at the bar that night. anyway was having some beers and going from this bar and the one next door Rain. found a group of hot military looking boys, turns out only two of them were actually Navy boys and the other two just wore the short butch haircut. ha!
I ended up talking to the more muscular laid back dude most of the night after that, including drinking some more and there might have been some making out in a corner of the bar if I remember correctly. I met back up with my ride, ( the boyfriend of the guy I went down to visit), and while standing around, had two younger guys come up to me and ask to lift up my shirt and see my abs, and then asked me to leave with them. one on the left was dark haired, good looking and in shape and smooth, damn he had tight abs, and his bf I guess, was a bit shorter with sandy brown hair. sort of club kid looking. anyway, I was just laughing, and said nah, I'm with my buddy tongiht, and so they start checking him out and whispering and then tell me -- all right how about the 4 of us then. they were obviously out of it. It was pretty funny though having them grope me some while I was just laughing and declining the offer, no thanks!
got a ride back to my bud's place with the navy guy.

Saturday! went to a real nice house downtown to help volunteer for a Garden Conservatory fundraiser going on in the city. Was a lot of fun to ham it up with all the older people coming to see the gardens, also later we got to see a couple place for free with our volunteer badges. did some more shopping, and then to the gym to hit my arms and chests. (always time for gym on vacations guys, make it a priority and keep consistent!) Anyway, the YMCA there near downtown is very laid back and always a random mix of very cute straight guys who keep in shape. really keeps me motivated while working out, not to mention the hot muscle dude, sort of like a white skinned thick sotcky rugby guy, drying off on my aisle while I was getting changed to leave the place, dude had some nice balls, dang! I headed back to my bud's house and we dressed up in some western shirts and some toy guns and black masks, and then went to his NA ( narcotics anonnymous) group halloween party. I went out alone later to the bars and met up with a few guys, jsut drinking a beer and chatting with some guys I've seen in Austin before. slept good and shopped some Sunday before getting back to airport. sweet vacation, back to reality and work today though. hope anyone reading this also had a chance to get a break in this fall. later.