Thursday, October 19, 2006

weekend arriving

I'm in Austin the rest of the week. Hopefully having a fun exciting and relaxing time. Austin here I come....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kid Robot is putting out some cool toy versions of the musical group "Gorillaz".

you might have seen this featured on youtube. I wanted to post it because I think it's so cool that people can make their own fun videos from home, and whether you like this type of gay guy or not, you can tell he'd be a lot of fun and definitely has a great personality...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

is it the action or just the 300 guys ..........?

A friend sent me
this link today with the previews for a new movie coming out called "300".(<---the movie link) I'm telling you I am looking forward to this. (I'm sure is probably ready and waiting for this flick also., right?) If you check out the trailer, you'll see what I mean, hot big guys, sparce costuming,modern direction of action and effect, ahh yeah.......anyone else interested?

short film "The American Look (1958)"

How many Eames products can you spot in this short film on google video....

"A Tribute to the Men and Women, Who Design. A beautiful film highlighting the importance in America of design and aesthetics in every day items. It is interesting to see that this style, and the aesthetic of 1958 is returning to our modern lives... but we're not buying American anymore... we're buying Ikea. "

Monday, October 16, 2006

some cute guy on youtube rambling and getting "sloppy"....

wrestling..... or as some people in okc say it, rasslin'


sorry its headless, I was messing around at work and had my co-worker take a picture of me for my other blog. anyway, you get the idea, I'm a pretty average guy here, in shape at 6'1 and 167. etc etc... Here you see me holding up a New York Times magazine which I brought to work to read tonight. THey sell the magazine part of the paper for 75cents at a bookstore downtown so I like to check 'em out and read the articles, between that and my new yorker magazines, the closest I may ever get to NY at this point. :)

man I'm tired, worked legs today before work. ....had an awesome weekend in okc. The Art On Tap beer tasting function was a lot of fun, I love going to these things where there is a real mixed crowd of people. I was sort of checking out this one healthy corn fed miswestern looking guy in a polo shirt all night, and flirting some with this blond waitress from the Museum Cafe who was serving beer at one of the tables. My favorite beer was one by "Kriek", a belgium beer with Cherry added to it, was really good. I'm not into the dark beers, prefer light. anyway, cool and cloudy and rainy weather all weekend, perfect for staying in, picking up the house, laundry, internet surfing, watching rented DVD's of the American version of "Office" (I've seen all the British ones and they remain my favorite of course). A buddy from the gym stopped by saturday night and we "hung out" some. Apparently he goes to the college near my house is why he's been showing up every now and then lately. He's 22 and hot and fun, but I'm not really used to having company over much. Also purchased some hardware and software at BestBuy last night to start converting video to DVD, hopefully I can figure it out and get up on youtube eventually. Basically I plan to post some of my old college party footage to share with all my "mates" from school. And if I get real creative with my video, maybe try on them Aussiebum's I got in the mail last summer, as requested from DUP. he he. later.