Wednesday, August 30, 2006

you may have noticed...

you may have noticed that two of the blogs I linked to have stopped, What The, and NSA... ahh well. they were great reads while it lasted. I've been slower on this blog also now that summer is over and I'm back to both jobs. I'll be posting more soon once I get a free weekend to go out and buy a camera.... he he. also I've just been plain busy traveling lately on weekends. still looking to AUSTIN this weekend, any Austin readers on here going to be SPLASHing around saturday. I'm ready!
you need to read Dan Renzi's blog, he links to an interesting article here about gay guys bad talking straight guys to their face and how hate speech works both ways, and how straight guys are secretly jealous of how much sex gay guys get... hmm not to sure about that, I have to wonder if some gay guy didn't come up with promoting it in some article. later.

Monday, August 28, 2006

labor day coming

was at the lake last weekend, some fun! the guy who owned the cabin next to my buddy's was an older hot big ole muscled bald guy, just really hot for some reason, the guy let us hang out on his dock and took my buddy and I out on the boat with his gf. anyway, played lot of cards and got some sun, am ready for ENXT weekend labor day. I may jsut put an ad on craigslist just to see what I can find down in austin. if you find my ad on there let me know.

dang my two jobs keep me busy this time of year. the college guy emailed me this weekend and left a message on the phone about hoping I had a great weekend. he also sent me a list of the weekends he'd off duty at the dorm this fall that he could possibly sleep over -- whoa bud slow up there just a bit please....(on purpose I' haven't mentioned the girl I've been thinking about asking out in a couple weeks when I get a weekend free back here in town-- jsut thinking about it so don't crazy on comments)

hope everyone's having a good week, i can tell how busy everyone is now that summer is ending, no comments lately at all. guess I better start searching up some hot amateur pics again... later.