Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


a bud from okc emailed today, just when I canceled another account on a gay chat line.. anyway, I guess I emailed him before from my real email. he said he needed to come by soon. This is a taller big muscled guy who i met online a couple summers ago, hadn't seen him since last christmas break I think. anyway, he has a landscaping business in town, in great shape, and damn he's uncut and hung 9 or more, so f-ing big, just likes me to service him up, can go for an hour sometimes, damn that thing is huge, anyway, I got his email at work and I swear I started feeling warmer and a little dizzy like my heart started pumping a little and of course I started getting a woody just sitting there seeing his email in the in box. I emailed him saying to bad summer is over 'cause I'm busy during the weeknights working and sleeping, and gone the next two weekends so maybe sometime next month. although to be honest, I'd be ok with no more hookups for a long while, I'd just rather have one steady bud like the SCU kid. we shall see.

other news, the hot DA in florida from last spring break, the postcard I sent him was returned today. ahh man, hope everything is all right, I had planned to go down there for my fall break in October. hope all are having a good week, I've noticed a lot less comments, sorry haven't had times for many pics lately, but I've noticed other bloggers slowing up some, jsut a busy time of year for people in general between summer and fall. later.

Monday, August 21, 2006


anyway, the SCU kid called twice this weekend while I was out of town and left a message on my machine ( at home, no cell here on purpose) and then emailed today and I emailed back. man he's really got a good head on his shoulders, real sharp kid, and nexct time he comes by I'm thinking we'll get into it quite a bit more, although a part of me doesn't want to get too much started of course. poor guy wasn't too happy that I was out of town last weekend and the next two weekends. but oh well, I'm working both jobs again now that schools back up so no week night visits at all, I HAVE TO SLEEP DURING THE WEEK OR NOT ON TOP AT WORK ( plus of course I like to workout the 2 hour break I have between jobs)
excellent weekend coming up at the lake with a long time gay bud from austin up at his family's cabin at Grand Lake. we plan on driving up Friday morning and then doing nothing all weekend but laying around the cabin, the deck, the dock, swim, boat, and do more nothing. It's me, him ( compmletely just a friend nothing more ever), and a girl we know from OKC that's like his best friend from highschool... not sure who else. but lots of relaxing to be had. I plan on getting some sun so I'll look nice the following weekend LABOR DAY WEEKEND for the boat party on the lake in Austin that Saturday... ahh yeah. good week to all. later.

check out this video, my buddy is the one representing gay adoption during the CNN clip... what a guy! (They credit his name wrong btw)

tree climbing

Sunday, August 20, 2006