Wednesday, June 14, 2006

lawn boys and some (lucky) girl's bf.

he used to mess with my mind

I thought I'd write some more about this guy "S" that's in the marines who emailed me last weekend out of the blue. Well we met in college and he started helping me get into working out, and of course he was all stud and hot so I was eager to hang out with him and all. We didn't hang out much socially but I'd hang out in his dorm room sometimes, or he'd come over to mine just shooting the breeze. .. sometimes we'd finish up working out and then before going to hang out somewhere else on campus he'd want me to come back to his room and wait for him while he stripped down, showered up and changed etc.. I think he liked showing off. I stayed over a couple times when his roomate was gone, but just to sleep over no big deal. the next year, I lived off campus and he'd stay over iwth me sometimes, sharing the queen bed in my room., again nothing ever happened. We started to wrestle around some 'cause he was such an asshole at times and prolly just like showing off his strength, but yeah I lied the wrestling around really.

well at some point or another when no one else was at the house we'd wrestle around and he'd start to sort of just pin me or hold me down and I'd quit struggling and he'd just lay there and hold on to me, which yeah I liked that too, but I played off like,"dude you gonna let me up or what" and we'd lay there for a second, nothing more... but at some point, I remember twice where I'd be laying on the couch and S sitting on the floor against the couch, and I'd sort of just rub his hair or shoulders, and the last time a little further going in front and rubbing his chest a little, yeah I was hard and creaming back in those days from just touching like that. but nothing further than that ever happened. the next fall when school started, he told me about meeting this divorced guy in the showers at this gym in Iowa, how he went home to hang out with the guy, and the guy told him he was gay. I guess he wondered what my reaction would be, I was just listening and waiting to hear some hot confession story. But I'm pretty sure he lied saying nothing happened he jsut hung out cuase the guy was so cool and nice, and then left later. But now that I'm out of college and have seen those divorced guys in the gym and all, I'm pretty sure he had some sort of experience. he left school that year after two months into fall semester. he had a chemical imbalance or something, got counseling and switched schools. I always felt like he was really trying to just deal with being gay and all.
When I heard he went to the Marines I figured that might be just the place for him, lots of guys and all that discipline and control. ( did I mention he was a control freak and had a temper?)
The last time I saw him was the following spring when he came back to school to get the rest of his stuff stored at my place. he stayed the night that night, and he asked me in bed if I'd ever shared a bed witha gay guy before, and I said yeah, a friend from OKC who I later found out was gay(lie), and he said well you could be sleeping with one now....I sort of just laughed it off and seriously it was so late I was just trying to fall asleep at that point. I kick myself looking back thinking I wish we could have just come out and acted on stuff, but instead he and I both played it real macho and neither of us could just make a move, ah well, I might not have been ready at that point to actually start messing around with dudes, but S definitely got me wondering about other straight hot type guys that I maybe never would have considered before aactuall emssing around iwth other straight types like me. like they say, if I knew now what I knew then, man oh man.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

thanks to girls who love to take pictures..!!

I think these people are from up NW somewhere, last summer's look of solid tanks and t's or shirtless and cargo shorts definitely HOT, but I noticed in these pics, that they wear belts with their shorts, way more laid back here in okc, I think in the south/midwest here guys are more into tight polo shirts, shorts w/o any belt and flip-flops, but it's all good on any guys like these . what do you think?

Monday, June 12, 2006

maybe I'll get the chance with him after all

I received an email this weeken dfrom a friend in the marines. he was a friend of mine in college who got me into working out at the health complex. He was a tight muscular blond stud from a northern state, real cocky attitude but a funny sense of humor, by that I mean he liked nudity humor, and in college I began to realize I liked male nudity, so there you go.
anyway, he emails that he's divorced now and back from afghanistan and in CA for 3 years training. I thought about it this weekend, maybe I can finally get naked with this guy for real.
really brought up the memories of how he'd mess with my mind, how he obviously knew I was into him, how he met someone who was gay one summer, and told me he was gay last time he stayed over before leaving college. although I got to say nothing ever really happned just small things, I'll blog about it later, I got to leave work now.

beer pong again ? ahh yeah!

what would you like to happen at these beer pong parties? I'd say lets get some consequences beyond just taking of the clothes......