Monday, November 06, 2006


anyone got a suggestion what I could do with my new webcam? I plan to make some video blogs for my other more personal blog. but I know there must be some way to cam with dudes or something right? do I download Yahoo for that or what?
maybe someday I'll work up the nerve to send something to Dudetube. he he, but maybe not, I got to keep it anonymous.
I got a LOT of ideas from the site this last weekend. man oh man, that stuff is just out there completely. I mean guys and girls and guys. too much input damn.



matt said...

You're welcome on Dudetube anytime.

JimmyD said...

And I just returned a cam. I played with it for a few days, got bored, returned it. Oh well!

richardwatts said...

If you have a cam, and Yahoo or MSN messenger, then there's lots of fun you can have through the 'Cams' rooms in and But be careful, dude.