Saturday, November 11, 2006

digi cam or maybe now.... digital video?

well I shopped the digi cams yesterday, so next I guess I'll have to surf around online some more. the one I wanted canon ELPH600 was $249 but then why not go ahead and het the newer model Canon ELPH 660 $299. but then tere are plenty others at $229 and lower, like SONY and FUJI, so I'm going to continue and compares. I'm just really tight sometimes and like to get the best deal on a good quality camera etc...

ANYWAY, I'm posting today to ask if anyone has a digital video camera and if you recommend the one with a Digital cassette tape, or the one with MINI dvd. there was a nice CAnon digital video for $299 so i was asking myself why not just get a video camera. the Mini DVDs were a little more expensive starting at $439 and up, but they say its tons easier to just pop the dvd in and play...e tc but I like the lower cost digital video cassette ones. anyone got a comment?

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Anonymous said...

Dan, I can't speak for video cams. I think that the "cutting edge" in digi cams is pretty small these days. Consider how you are going to use it. To mostly post small pix on the internet, you certainly don't need a lot of resolution. Fast refresh time is good. A popular and cheap memory card that is easy to read from your computer is good. (My HPa1150y has 4 card slots on the front and my CompactFlash pops right in.) Once again, I recommend an optical zoom as the digital zoom is very fuzzy on my very old cam.