Monday, November 06, 2006

dates... hmmmm

well I cant' say that I picked the best place of choice for a date, but I was really interested in checking out the lebanese festival at the Orthodox church here in okc. The food was awesome, and it included a tour of the church with a priest as a tour guide. I never realized the Greek Orthodox Church comes from the original church started by Paul in Antioch. well anyway, it was a bit awkward at first with B. , the guy I went and met and picked up at his place. REAL nice normal great guy. It is very hard to find a guy who is gay but doesn't wear it on his sleeve, much less not into any gay bars etc. He's not closet though, only at work, which is pretty normal for some gay guys I guess. well anyway, I'm glad we went and walked around the festival together because it's much better than just sitting across from each other eating or seeing amovie and then just going back home for sex. instead we went to restaurant for lunch afterware and ended up not getting our lunch served til 3:45. I felt bad for choosing the place but the manager comped our meal since the ticket had been lost and we got our food late, also the cook came out and spoke to us and offered to buy us desert, but by that time I jsut watned to get the guy home. He mentioned plans at 5 pm and I got him back by 4:30. and that meant no time to go inside for goodbye etc.
Well it was very cool, I saw him online later and he mentioned looking at me in the truck and my package etc... and how we need to spend some time indoors alone sometime soon. so very cool, we'll see how it goes. not like I'm looking for a boyfriend but one regular "friend" would be very cool I guess.
he smelled good in the car too, sort of deodorant mixed with that day after binge drinking smell guys have. i don't know but it was still in my truck Sunday morning... nice. This guy is a goodfit size , dark and handsome, goatee beard that grows in easy, tatoos on his arm and works at a bank. you can see how he could pull off hanging with a square crowd or party crowd easy.

He mentioned not having many gay friends since he never goes "out". and so we both talked about how awesome it was to just hang out with another gay guy and talk about anything etc.... very cool.

I don't think it's a big deal, but this guy is a drinker on weekends from what I can tell, and I am not, so that will be interesting to see what we can do socially, I'm for a beer or two, but I'm not an All night at the bar guy. Although he hangs out at straight bars with his friends and I would love to check out the straight bars again.

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