Wednesday, November 08, 2006

closet gay blog Oklahoma City OKC

just wanted to post that title in case anyone does a search, and maybe I can connect with someine here in the same city. although its a smaller "big city" there must be a lot of other dudes out there in a similar position. who knows. A guy is curious like me if other masculine guys out there who arent "out" but jsut like to mess around with guys or not yet ready to be "gay, out and proud" but enjoya good jerk off or more with other guys. And these are guys from the very built to the nerdiest nerd, but they all a guy to talk to. I know I could have used friends in the same shoes many years back. ( to the guy at SNU here in OKC, I want to chat with you some more soon on AIM)

I'm working on getting an email I can post on here also so I can converse a bit more with anyone wanting to.

I called that guy B. last night so now I'm going to wait and see if he emails or calls me and then we'll see if anything develops from there, I'm completely fine either way actually. got a busy weekend coming up etc etc. A girl from work asked me to go see a play with some friends of hers in Norman so I might actually be doing some flirting and hanging out with a str8 crowd this weekend. cool cool.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the guy from SNU. I've looked for you on AIM. It seems we just get on at different times.

If you don't catch me, email me sometime.

I'd like to talk to you again.