Wednesday, July 19, 2006

not sure how much I'll be posting pic-wise for a while

blogs are not blocked at my computer here at my part time job where i sit in front of a computer for 7 or 9 hours 4 days a week. the pay is $19 an hour so I am really used to the extra income and would hate to lose this job.
although blogs are not blocked, obviously there is a lot of in appropriate content on many blogs, considering I am at work. well you know how one thing leads to another, and with all the video clips going up on these blogs, it seems that many of the clips link back to adult sites that show up on checklist monitored by IT here at my job. A flag went up last thursday, and a history report was done, and I was called into my boss's office with his boss's boss gving me a write up reprimand, and asking please stay off of any inapropriate sites in the future. DAMN that was emabarassing because I consider myself a hard working intelligent professional guy beyond reproach at work etc... and here I behave really ignorantly. UGHH, anyway, my boss and I still remain friends and both men said, hey we're all guys here, none of us are beyond making these mistakes. and they encouraged me that I am a valuable part of the program here and we will move on from here leaving it in the past, not to be mentioned. man that sucked!

needless to say, I'll prolly finally buy a computer of my own this weekend, and posts may be intermittent here for a while, or at least not many amateur pics for a while. be patient guys.
Actually it's a good time to turn over a new leaf and self reflect, my birthday is tomorrow -- the same date as man first walked on the moon! But no real celebrating until this weekend. dinner with the folks, my buddy is in town from austin so we'll go out, and hopefully my other "bud" in Austin may also be in town .sweet! enjoy summer all!


Steve said...

happy b-day bro!! Mine is exactly a month away from yours and I turn the big 30!! :(

That sucks that you got caught at work.. I work with computers and know better than to do *anything* that may be suspect there. Our company has a pretty secure firewall that blocks most sites, but you would be amazed at what gets through.. Hey - be glad you did not get fired - that is what happens to most dudes who get caught.. Obviously they must like and respect you to let you go with a warning..

BTW - Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Go out and celebrate for your b-day- get drunk, get laid, whatever.. ;)

Anonymous said...


sorry to hear about what happened at work, but it sounds like you work for some very reasonable and understanding people.

have a great b-day and have some fun. BTW, i really like your blog -- i have made it a regular stop.

keep your chin up (unless, of course, you have a really good reason to have it . . . down!)

NSA guy said...

happy bday, bro. same as my dad's. have a great one!

Nick Moretti said...

Happy Birthday man!!!
Don't worry about the work drama. They seem to have handled it and put it in the past... you do the same. Good luck with the new computer!!!