Friday, August 29, 2014

mirror mirror...

big weekend coming up......

a few weeks ago, I was reading this letter from Cox cable about getting internet for $15 a month, and I up and decided, you know what, let's do it. I'd been having trouble with my ATT modem/router anyway and 6 months had passed since I had my bill change go down to 73 and then it was back up to 93 a month.  I then and there called ATT and said please cancel internet service. Please put my landline back to a phone for around $30 a month. Yes this was quite a conversation, and for no reason I lied about having a second home blah blah blah just to not get a bunch of sales pitch.
anyway, so then I called COX and said, I'd like to try the one year offer of internet at 15 a month....
they said they'd have it on within 4 days or so.  so I was without internet for about a week actually cuz it took me a while to get out and buy my own router/modem. actually buddy S had a router he wasn't using so I was only out the cash for a modem. during the week without internet, I got a LOT done actually around the house, go figure and I caught up on reading a lot of my magazine subscriptions. ha
eventually I got it working again. although my internet is not up to it's usual speed. I don't blame Cox because my modem has a yellow flashin light at the top, so I think I need to redo the modem or exchange it for another one....hmmm  We'll see what I save in bills and if it was worth all the fuss.  My cox bill came this week and instead of charging me another $15 to my usual bill, there was a $30 connection fee, which I plan to send a letter in and not pay and refute, and inquire about why the letter I recieved to switch said NO INSTALLATION FEE, although I realize connection fee must obviously be different than installation fee. wah wah, suckers!
still should be worth the lower bills. plus I am no longer putting $50 into stock club every month, plus I am working in advising this semester at school, so we'll see if it adds up to a bit of extra cash each monthy. although my idea lately is to put thyat extra $ toward my truck payment so that I'm putting in $320 a month instead of the usual $220.
I'm looking forward to a nice long weekend. teaching two classes this morning, an 8am and 9 am. then I'm done at 10.  I work 3 hours in advising office and then I'm out at 1 and driving HOME! :)
In OKC they have a food truck night on the last Friday of the month. I'm going with my VET friend tocheck it out. it's on Hudson ST near downtown between 8th and 9th.  tomorrow morning I plan to get out in the yard. then my college ex gf is coming down from AR arriving around lunchtime I guess and staying the weekend.  since my buddy S is out of town, it will give me someone to hang out with. plus she hasn't been here since Nov and since she's also single I figured she could use a weekend to get away.  We plan to see a movie, maybe go swimming at S's if it's hot enough, and go check out the outlet all.  I also plan to take her to eat out at Kitchen 234 downtown. this really awesome new restaraunt there. not sure what she'll eat as a recent vegan but she's up for it.
classes have gotten off to a great start, and I'm looking forward to getting to know all my students better and help them improve their writing skills. My goal this semester is to provide continued encouragement to finish their degrees and career dreams, and to get some life lessons in there about thinking about world view situations and also building more of a community feel at the college. if that makes sense. have a good weekend all!