Sunday, May 21, 2017

beach, please........

social times............

Ive had this pain in my lower back ever since I got back from CO, I couldn't figure out if it was inside or my back. I think I've decided it's my back. basically it's fine unless I bend over to put pants on or breathe in too quickly, like when I sniff my nose.  I don't recall lifting anything heavy and thought it might be from the long drive, so now I'm just waiting for it to go away. sort of awkward laying in bed on my also blah blah. I hate not being 100% ready to get to doing stuff though.  otherwise I've been enjoying the beginning of summer. was pretty dad gum busy last week after I got back.
I had a meeting Thursday at 1:30 pm , I'm getting paid to read hudreds of papers and rate them as passing or not, basically it's a review of samples from all over campus of students' writing to see if they are meeting a college level requirement etc. after that I went to swim laps and then home! yay home!  Friday I played in the yard all day until after lunch, I went south of OKC to help a lady move furniture back into her house form the garage.  A coworker and I had taken stuff out of a back room, about a month ago, so she could have it tiled. her husband is in a wheelchair with health issues etc..
I swam laps Friday morning, but not after moving furniture.  I came home instead to finish up stuff in the yard and then get ready for garden club meeting.  I was in charge of bringing some door prizes. We had a nice meeting mainly talking all about the regional meeting in June, plan plan plan. I'm in charge of table decorations and the program for the weekend. I'm going to work this week to work on that program since I have microsoft publisher on my computer there and not at home. Also I want to get that nipped in the bud so I can focus on everything else and my yard/house for the garden tour.
Saturday, S and his hubby B picked me up and took me with them to a sort of "potluck" dinner they'd been invited to.  I met the guy, K at their Christmas party.  HE was their with a younger guy, his roomate, Z. they were both there when we arrived and so was another married couple Br and Mi, who had moved up from Dallas to OKC recently and said they are enjoying meeting people. They were very nice and I chattted them up during dinner about their trip to NYC in a few weeks and plans etc.
THere was alos another guy our age there, and then 2 other younger guys who knew Z. I guess 9 in all, and we had carbs carbs carbs, ha  lasagna, pizza, spaghetti, wine, salad, deserts etc..
It was fun getting out and meeting new people, my bud S really didn't know anyone there too well either. Apparently K is a friend of his husband from AR and they reconnected in OKC somehow. At one point it was after 8pm and S and I were pretty much ready to go home, but B was chatting up our host K, being the kind natured person he is, so we stayed a little later going out to the backyard in K's new place and then back inside, sitting down, and then deserts served all around. whew. we were gone by 8 though and they brought me back home.
Today has been wonderful, nice long moring. I had planned to go to my folks' church instead of my local one because it was senior Sunday and I wasn't feeling it nor like it when they combine services and overall it just wasn't my usual routine setup, so I decided to go to my old church. except I got the time confused and when I got ready to leave, I realized they'd start half an hour ago etc etc. so I stayed home. I'll go tonight at 6 for the evening service as usual and sit with Better of course. :)
all right. moving forward into the week, must get a lot of stuff done, namely picking up my house and then getting the back yard presentable, lots of things on the porch and I need to mow.
hope everyone is having a great Spring Sunday lazy :)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

pet me.........

What some ppl do to strange dogs when on vaca

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Friday, May 19, 2017

bed time........... zzzz

beautiful cloudy spring day here..

I have a black Bauhaus t shirt. I keep thinking wouldn't it be great for halloween 2018 to shave my beard, shave my head, put on some black eyeliner and show up for work in my t-shirt? ;) oh, what a history...........

Thursday, May 18, 2017

ten things to do in Denver etc.............

I had a great time getting away from okc last weekend.  On Sunday we were up early for a slow morning and breakfast and chill with the kids... eventually we made it to an 11 am service at church.  our host V was part of a mother video during the service.  Afterwards we went home and got the kids lunch while the rest of relaxed and then we all went out for lunch to Chipotle and then to Jarrod's, a garden nursery.  I bought a few more plants and the ladies shopped around while V's hubby went to goodwill and then came back to pick us up.  Back at the house, more time with kids in the basement playing and then at 3:15 the O's came by to pick me up.  They are a married couple that retired last summer from teaching in Central America and now live in Littleton.  They took me to Nelly's , a frozen yogurt place and we met their oldest son there with wife and 3 kids, and another son and a daughter. the youngest 2 kids I taught at the school while teaching at the same school during my 3 years there.  What a great joy to talk to everyone and see them all etc etc.
The rest of the night we chilled and sat around after dinner talking. Monday we drove up to Boulder and got there by 10 am.  it was pretty damn awesome. real nice walk up and down street with tons of places to shop, sort of like manhattan for all the best outdoors companies. lots of hot beardy outdoorsy guys walking all around as well. got me curious what the town is like when college is in, must go back someday! We drove highway 6 which turned into north 93. great views of the foothills all the way... we went into a store called Peppercorn and my friend T found everything she'd ever wanted as a baker, great supplies!! and we bought some other stuff etc etc.  also went to Topo Designs store on pearl street to check my sizes in case I ever shop online, although I'll probably just stick to travel gear...  walked around, had lunch at Colore Pizza.
Tuesday up by 8am packed and ready. I think we left around 9 am, but on the way out of town , just north of downtown, we searched for a breakfast place and found a really nice one, Four Friends Breakfast.  Eggs, pancake, and some "barbecue" potatoes. mmmmm nothing much to say otherwise about the trip.. it was LONG... all the way to Salina KS and then down to OKC.  we drove through a horrid thunderstorm and got off the hiway to park under the overpass with other cars during a torrential downpour.  stopped for lunch somewhere. stopped in wichita for dinner. arrived home at 11am. whew!  I slept SO GOOD in my own bed. yesterday (wed) I had to go into work from 11 am to 4pm for my new summer job in admissions (once a week, 5 hours).  today I was in the yard planting things I bought in CO.
gym time twice today, swam laps this morning and also this afternoon. i was going to work out after my swim this afternoon but came home instead since the storms were approaching OKC.  This morning though. there was this younger guy in compression shorts type swim wear, nice looking tall guy. he chatted me up about my swim afterwards in the locker room.  I did say much back to him. and I thought about while walking out to the parking lot, I really must learn to ask questions back to people. for example when he asked me "how was your swim?" I just said, great, really wakes me up for the day and that was it. smile and grunt to whatever he said back...  for some reason I tend to do the "man up" thing and say less with few words with strangers.  so dumb. I need to be social or at least ask something back when people start a conversation with me. I'm horrible at that when it's off the cuff.  hopefully I'll run into him again after swimming laps. My goal , now that summer has begun for me, is to start swimming every morning and afternoon like I did last smmer.
It really took me all night to blog tonight, I was watching Doc Marten on tv meanwhile which disctracted me. now it's late and I'm going to hit the hay.  hope everyone is ready for a good summer. cheers for checking out the blog. :)