Sunday, March 19, 2017

grade or whatever to this....................


I can't decide between COREY  or RYAN

EDIT: i fixed the 2nd link

hmmm.  one is cheaper, and the other is an educator like me.  I'm going to Protland in April for Hortlandia, a big plant sale.  I think I already blogged about the $400 credit I had with Delta from cancelling my trip last year , and I had to use it before last Friday so I booked a trip to PORTLAND! ha.  I;m looking forward to it, as I am looking forward to everything this spring that gets me closer to summer. whew!  So what do you think, guys?  Corey or Ryan, both are just directly south of the expo center and on the north side of town so closer to airport.  I'm flying in on a Friday and leaving Sunday so it's a quick weekend trip.  I'm going to decide late on whether to rent a car or just use the rail system in Portland, but I thought I should book a room ASAP. :P  hope all are enjoying Sunday. I am grading papers all day that I put off during Spring break. ha

Thursday, March 16, 2017

first free replacement hormone clinic....

A friend of mine is the director of the KIND clinic in Austin which provides healthcare and education to the community, specifically HIV testing, acces to PREP and PEP and now Hormone replacement therapy medication...... News from KVUE channel 6 here.

Although I don't begin to claim that I understand everything involved with people unable to live with the gender they were born with, nor understand why a birth certificate would be changed from the gender they were born with, I admit I can't understand what I don't know and haven't experienced.  So although I realize I may have different values than my friends who promote free hormones to those wanting to change genders without any required counseling which they refer to as "gateways" and who provide free PREP medication to those who want to have unprotected sex. I respect the right to do so and the call and desire of people who want to service a community that through the work of the clinic is also educated about safe practices and sexually transmitted disease protection.  And the clinic gives the poor a chance to access it and not just the rich who can afford such with or without insurance. 
I cannot expect my values to be respected if I cannot respect the values of others. ( I often tell my students the importance in standing for something.  The danger is in having no values and standing for nothing, those are the ones easiest swayed and fooled and manipulated....something along those lines, I don't discuss it too much but it remains the tone of my encouragement throughout the semester.)

is it summer yet..................